SR blog Get your staff to get clients

John Waner
10 months agoMarch 13, 2019
Such an obvious idea!   Action DONE.
An extension is to ask past staff too (assuming they left amiably!)
Luke Bailey
10 months agoMarch 13, 2019
Great tip Siimon
Khai Levinh
10 months agoMarch 13, 2019
I am doing it.
Brian Burch
10 months agoMarch 14, 2019
I've always empowered my team members to pursue business. The best approach is to encourage them to write down what they love, what they want to work on, who their dream clients are, and then working with them to create a message strategy for the agency that we can plug into Siimon's system. It doesn't replace the work of the agency founder, it AMPLIFIES it!
Brian Clarke
10 months agoMarch 16, 2019
Thanks for your kind advice, Simon.All the best
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