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about 1 month agoFebruary 16, 2018
awesome reminder! LOVE this art & your message. Thank You! =)
29 days agoFebruary 18, 2018
I think in yoiur vision you have to colour outside the the lines to be limitless!
Helen Prochazka
29 days agoFebruary 19, 2018
A very timely reminder to keep colouring within the lines... I am not in the 10% yet!  :)
Tim Byrd
29 days agoFebruary 19, 2018
I concur 100 percent, however i have not been able to find anyone who is doing what I am.
29 days agoFebruary 19, 2018
On point. The fundamentals of business never change. It's the opportunities that change. Meeting existing customer needs means staying inside the lines. Creating opportunities (e.g. new tech) or anticipating emerging needs requires more risk-taking and venturing outside the lines.
Nicholas Tys
28 days agoFebruary 19, 2018
Thought-provoking, as usual. Thank you! Siimon, have you considered updating and re-publishing Why People Fail? It might have been ahead of its time. There's no reason that book shouldn't be in the top 10 business / self help books on Amazon.
27 days agoFebruary 20, 2018
That's why I have you as a Coach.  Learning from the very best. This is a great piece to remind me to stay on task, focused and aware of what we do best and for whom.  Thanks so much.
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