SR video health affects wealth

Verdel Maclean
10 months agoJuly 11, 2018
Hi Siimon,
Absolutely what your saying is true. Please take a look at my website as I have created products to help support the entrepreners energetic system. Truly. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your next post, I am just about to update my site, but if you have any feedback for me how I can promote my brand please let me know.
Mary Kurek
10 months agoJuly 11, 2018
Just talking with someone today about the state of his mental health and how important he get that straight first before jumping back into sorting out his business direction.  He's been wishy washy on it for a little while and that just reads frustration.  And, people are noticing, which isn't helping his business efforts. His lack of confidence is showing and his neediness is making prospective collaborators feel that he isn't going to be a full-on partner.
Mary-Anne Anderson
10 months agoJuly 11, 2018
Hi Siimon,
You're spot on and we must all admit the occasions when the energy is low / unfit / unhealthy we do not perform to the top of our game.  Really enjoy your presentations and appreciate the information you provide online.
Eric Lancaster
10 months agoJuly 12, 2018
I totally agree! I recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and am having other issues stemming from Lyme's. These are affecting me on several levels, despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. Being in poor health affects mental clarity and ability to focus and get tasks completed. I am focusing most of efforts now on health to get back to functioning at 100%!
Shawn Byrne
10 months agoJuly 13, 2018
This is 100% True.  You have a great way of explaining and presenting your wisdom thanks for this!
Brendah Holder
9 months agoJuly 19, 2018
You need to be on a high frequency  to  relate to others, they will feel you are happy ,  light, and understanding, and positive.. Being healthy is great always!!!!
Leanne Yeung
9 months agoJuly 19, 2018
Great perspective on the effects of health on business Siimon.  Not only does great health optimise one's energy, persistence and mental clarity, but healthy people also have a "glow" about them that makes them attractive, and this "sexual capital" may also translate into financial capital as this characteristic may have subconsciously enhance relationships between people, which is often good for business as well as other interactions!
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