video blog March 16

Kenneth Holland
11 months agoMarch 20, 2018
Right on point Siimon,

Facebook doesn't want our commercial posts seen by ANYONE unless we advertise. :)

Thin the herd I say!

Build that email list, THEN retarget (using FB Custom Audiences) with video can do it for a penny a view OR LESS.

THOSE are the people who are gonna kill it *wink*
Andrew Thompson
11 months agoMarch 21, 2018
Matt W
11 months agoMarch 20, 2018
Definitely, although Gmail spam folder is an issue also :(
Yvette Diaz
11 months agoApril 5, 2018
I wonder if the same thing that's happening with Facebook (having to pay for posts to be seen by more than 5% of viewers) is also going to happen on Instagram? 

A few of my friends are relying on Instagram to build their businesses (as it seems easier to get Instagram followers than to get people to opt-in to an email list).
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